Listen carefully

Listen carefully to what people say, and they will write for you.

You need not steal their words.

Capture your reaction to them, whether agreement or disagreement, and you will find that you never suffer from writer’s block.

The surplus of words will demand that you to “murder your children,” trimming away the excess until only the best remain.

But you must listen. You must listen with the greatest intensity you can muster.

Otherwise the best will flee past you, sometimes lost forever.


Physics and Metaphysics

Physics and metaphysics both discuss light.

How they approach the topic varies.

How do you approach that topic?

How does light fit into your writing, art, or innovation?

Photographs and Memories

Jim Croce, a brilliant musician who died young, had a song and album called “Photographs and Memories.”

If you were to take a single photograph by which to remember today, what would it be?

What sentence, paragraph, or story would you write to go with it?

Repeating the same behavior…

…expecting different results.

When you are burned, and you knew better, do you take a hard look?

In my case, today, this involved a certain piece of software. In its ecosystem, it is expensive. It looks good. Some people provide rave reviews. But it is a cure that is worse than the disease.

It is the kind of software a user might, in theory, use to implement David Allen’s “Get Things Done” methodology. Indeed, it looks fantastic.

But once into it, you realize that it is a huge time sponge. It is disguised, a quicksand that sucks you in and steals your time with little payback.

“Return on investment” is not so good. You would be better off using paper.

Just as gamblers throw good money into a losing streak hoping to “win it all back,” the tool has after market products to “help.” More money spent, more time lost, all swirling into the abyss.

Do you spend all your time “saddlin’ up,” or do you write off the failure and move on?

You will never get the time back. That part of your life is gone, along with the money you spent.

Do you know when to quit?